Mr. Nelson is available as an Artist in Residence to come to your Portland area
school and work with your children.  
To contact Mr. Nelson about a residency,
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Additional Compositions available only for rental:

Abigail, A Children's Opera

The delightful and powerful story of Abigail Scott Duniway, the woman who fought for
over 40 years to gain the right to vote for women in Oregon.  The story is made all the
more interesting due to the fact that her brother, Harvey Scott, was the influential
editor of Portland's largest newspaper, "The Oregonian" was a very strong opponent to
women's rights.  This is a 1-hour opera, for 20-40 children, ages 8-18. It contains a
number of challenging parts for advanced singers, as well as easier parts for younger
children.  A videotape and vocal score are available for review.
Email: for pricing and license information.
To read a newspaper article about the opera's premiere in 2004, click on this link:  

"Otto's Motto" -- An Introduction to the Viola
For Piano, viola, soprano, boy treble, alto and children's chorus

Commissioned by Oregon Symphony violist Steve Price (whose viola's name is
"Otto"), "Otto" tells the story of a child caught right in the middle, both musically
and physically.  He never gets much attention, and for some reason he has chosen the
viola as his instrument -- an instrument that, as the piece shows, often does not get
the best parts in the orchestra.  However, Otto figures out his own revenge against his
sisters Sarabello (who plays the cello) and Lynny Lyn-Lyn (who plays the violin) -- and
then wins the talent show by "making up his own" music.  This 18-minute work is a
wonderful and humorous introduction to the viola for children of all ages!  The viola
part could easily be performed by an advanced high-school student.  Score and Viola
part available for review.
Email: for pricing and license information.
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